What’s this blog about?

In 2015 I experienced a life-transforming spiritual shift, the consequences of which continue to this day (you can read my story here). One of the many unexpected things to come in its wake was a strong impulse to write, and so for the last few years on and off I’ve been writing and publishing articles and blogposts. Sometimes I gave some regular time to it, other times I just responded when the impulse came unbidden.

But at the beginning of 2020, after several years of this somewhat intermittent writing, I decided to commit to a daily contemplative writing practice, to “turn up at the page“.

My approach to writing is that of waiting and listening, it is itself a kind of spiritual practice. I sit in inner silence and write whatever comes to mind: spirituality, philosophy, creativity, biography, culture, mystic musings, polemic ranting, reflections on the creative process itself.

Sometimes it’s a stream of consciousness bouncing all around, sometimes it’s more singular in subject. In this ‘work’ I give myself as much freedom as possible to express, explore, ponder, and inquire. And play, mustn’t forget to play.

Incidentally, over the years of writing and observing, a set of ‘rules’ or conditions emerged that I’ve found to be conducive to this process. They’re a work in progress too, subject to revision, but the emergent principles they represent serve me well to stay on track. If you’re interested you can read them here.

This blog is a work in progress, I am a work in progress. And here I offer more questions than I provide answers. This is an ongoing process of inquiry and reflection into the nature of What Is in all it’s miraculous depth and diversity. As time goes on what I’m doing here and what this blog is all about may become clearer and more articulated.

But for now, as Rule 5 states — anything goes.

— Martyn (July 2020)