• Untitled Thoughts #14

    Untitled Thoughts #14

    There are no fixed points. Try to find something, anything in your experience that is permanent and unchanging. (Spoiler: you won’t, there isn’t.) Identify the sense I AM. Abide as that. And if you find your mind has wandered, simply and gently return your attention to the I AM. Do this for a set time… Continue reading

  • The Blaze

    The Blaze

    If your life is not for the world,Then give it to God.Because it’s not enough to knowWhat you’re not for,But what you are. Abandoning the worldMight seem to make an absence,But it revealsThe fullness of life,Of Being,Of God. Leave the world alone,And His presence awakensIn your heart,In all of you. He was already there,Waiting for… Continue reading

  • Finding My Process

    Finding My Process

    Creative process is a really interesting subject to me. All creatives seem to have one, but the only commonality is that there is one. The details vary considerably. “Find your own way,” seems to be the imperative. Find out by doing and then reflecting on the doing. Maybe then you can extract some rules or guidelines, some… Continue reading

  • Religion as a Ladder

    Religion as a Ladder

    I’m musing on the idea that in principle, religion offers the appropriate instruction, practice, and experience for every level of spiritual development. The thought is that even at the most basic level of understanding and spiritual development, it offers an appropriate message to meet the person where they are. And at the highest levels of… Continue reading

  • The Usurper

    The Usurper

    The mind, it just makes up a bunch of questions to bother itself with. Questions that it demands answers to before it will allow itself to rest. Which of course is never. The mind just endlessly justifies its own existence, its own primacy. But maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on the mind. It’s doing… Continue reading

  • All In

    All In

    If you are insistent or even desirous of keeping your life exactly as it is then it’s probably best not to embark on the spiritual path. Better to just sit tight and tolerate your afflictive mind than to “give it all to God” or “surrender everything to the Self”. Because that’s what’s required, a single-minded… Continue reading

  • There Is Only One

    There Is Only One

    Question: how does one resolve the seemingly contradictory notions that on one hand, God/consciousness is everywhere in everything equally, and on the other, some places and some people are more sacred and holy than others? It’s a function of apparentness. To those who are misled and confused by false notions, the divine is variously less… Continue reading

  • The Fourth

    The Fourth

    The fourth state, turiya, pure consciousness, is present with all other states. But at first it’s perceived, as its name suggests, as one alternating with other states of consciousness. Until through repeated and consistent exposure it’s revealed to be the foundational and ubiquitous, singular reality. Continue reading

  • Untitled Thoughts #13

    Untitled Thoughts #13

    Loving the gap. When thoughts drop away, leave them there. Enjoy the gap, the silent space of being. Non-grasping, aconceptual aware presence. Just go with your flow, remain unattached. If there’s frustration there’s expectation and desire. Wanting something that isn’t usually leads to suffering if grasping and thirsting are also present. If something “must (or… Continue reading

  • The Page

    The Page

    I show up to write each day but it’s sometimes hard to turn up at the page with nothing around me. The room I’m in has no interesting elements or items within eyeshot. The computer desktop on which the writing page itself sits is completely bare. All intentionally reduced. That I have a twinge of… Continue reading