I want you to know that you needn’t suffer and that freedom is possible.

I want you to know that when you’re done with all the dead ends and false starts then maybe you’ll be ready to see what has always been right at the heart of your own experience.

True freedom isn’t attained through perfecting any methods or techniques, it isn’t attained by adding anything to what you think you are. Truth isn’t attained at all, it’s discovered.

Freedom is your very nature, it’s what you are. You just haven’t noticed it yet because you’re too busy searching for it. That’s the irony and the blessing of the truth, that when you stop seeking it, you find that it’s already here and now.

– Martyn

Martyn offers spiritual guidance and mentorship to those who wish to discover their true nature and essential freedom as boundless, ever-present awareness. He draws on many years of practice and study in several spiritual traditions, but ultimately shares from his own direct experience of the nondual nature of reality.

One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to discover and explore your true nature. Sessions aren’t structured in any formal way, but the gravity of the context often leads to a deeper and clearer recognition of your essential nature.

Living as the ego is experiencing life through the prism of false ideas, rather than the freedom of life lived directly as it is. It’s the difference between suffering feelings of incompleteness, anxiety, and depression; and a life of openness, acceptance, peace of mind, and natural joy. Sessions are an opportunity to explore the reality of your lived experience, and to see what – if anything – stands between you and your nature as freedom and peace.

This kind of exploration and inquiry often touches on aspects of conditioning that can be deeply held. Identifying ideas, concepts, and energetic ‘knots’ that create suffering and allowing them to release is part of the process.

I also offer Divine Light transmissions which are typically given at the end of the session and last for approximately fifteen (15) minutes. These spiritual transmissions are a powerful support to promote and stabilise awakening.

It’s also possible that since you find yourself here it may be that there’s already some kind of awakening happening in your life. Sessions can help clarify and confirm the truth of your lived experience, cast aside doubts, discard conditioned views, and ultimately integrate and stabilise awakening.

Sessions are offered on a donation basis.

You’re welcome to make a donation before or after your session.

As a guide for a ~60-90 minute session I suggest between £40 – £90.

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You can schedule a date and time for your session through my booking page HERE.

I use Zoom for sessions. When you’ve booked I’ll send a Zoom link about 15 mins before the session.

If you have any questions about the sessions or anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.

In love and service.



I still remember staring at Martyn’s ‘End of Seeking’ website and reading all the testimonials over and over again. On one hand I really wanted to find the right teacher. On the other hand I was really afraid to book a session. In my core I probably knew that it would be the end of my seeking. If you are like me, just do it!

Martyn is such a great teacher. During some of the sessions it felt like I was talking to a mirror because he answered questions I wasn’t even conscious of having. But more importantly he is just a very friendly and warm human being. Martyn is very easy to talk to and he was always available when I had questions about anything. He provides ongoing support per email and will always help you on your journey. During the sessions it was not like a typical teacher-student relationship. It was more like two friends talking about awakening.

After 3 or 4 sessions with him my journey came to an end. So much has changed since. I’m just grateful that somehow I found this website. It really deserves its name.


In Chris Grosso’s book, Everything Mind, he quoted Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche who broke down the Spiritual Path like this: “My advice to you is not to undertake the spiritual path. It is too difficult, too long, and is too demanding… I would suggest… you ask for your money back, and go home now… This is not a picnic. It is really going to ask everything of you… So, it is best not begin. However, if you do begin, it is best to finish.” This resonates with me, having started my spiritual journey at the age of 18. That is until I came across the work of Martyn Webber.

Martyn’s gift to seekers is that he has figured out how to speed up the process through giving transmissions at such a speed it is breathtaking. His grasp of the pathway of Evolutionary Enlightenment and his challenging insights during his coaching sessions make the spiritual journey intriguing and easy. If you begin with Martyn and his wife Imogen, like me, you will end your seeking and will not have to ask for your money back. Give it a go…


Martyn is a very skilful teacher and it was a pleasure to work with him. His ability to see beyond my patterns and point me in a clear direction of what I needed to see for myself happened every time I met with him. There was an ongoing shift with each session. He is clear and to the point with no fussing. I felt his complete support throughout our sessions. This was very helpful and exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


I met Martyn about two months ago and signed up for this transmission thing that was offered. I knew about nonduality, the teachings of Maharaj, and have always been interested in that. I did two face to face meetings which we talked and all and got a transmission. Then I did one remote session and felt this great shift. Everything feels so much clearer and having the realisation that I’m not the doer and seeing behind the mask of ego, the false self. Martyn is a great person, right to the point and easy to talk to. Really grateful we crossed paths. If you’re on the fence, give it a go. You got nothing to lose but your limitations.