Enlightenment is much simpler and more intimate than you imagine;
no bells and whistles, no ecstatic light show; it is this moment, as it is.

One-to-one mentoring sessions typically last about an hour, they’re not structured in any formal way, but the gravity of the context leads usually to a deeper and clearer recognition of the ubiquity of non-dual awareness, and the discovery of your nature as causeless, open, and free from mentally constructed ‘problems’. The purpose of these sessions is to introduce you to and stabilise the recognition of this foundational aspect of your being so that it can become an increasing source of ease and freedom in your daily life.

The nature of this type of exploration/inquiry is that often we touch on aspects of conditioning that can be deeply held. Identifying ideas and concepts that cause suffering and allowing them to release is part of the process. I simply ask that you come to the sessions with such openness and receptivity as is available to you. That said, the very act of turning up is a good start! It’s also possible that since you find yourself here it may be that there’s already some kind of awakening happening in your life.

Wherever you feel you are, having a one-to-one relationship with someone who can help identify and help you through your specific issues in this area is enormously beneficial, as it was for me, and I now offer to you.

Having several sessions can be helpful so that you have the opportunity to repeatedly confirm the truth of your experience, dissolve the conditioned view, cast aside any doubts, and ultimately stabilise your awakening. Mentoring post-awakening can also be very beneficial.

I also give a Shaktipat transmission at the end of a session, it typically takes around 15 minutes. This spiritual transmission of Divine Light is a powerful tool to help rapidly bring about and stabilise enlightenment/awakening. Shaktipat transmission has been shown to accelerate nondual awakening and help with the post-awakening integration process.

Private sessions are done via Zoom or Skype.

I work on a donation basis.
As a guide for a 60-90 minute session, including Shaktipat I suggest between £40 – £90
but I will never turn someone away due to lack of funds.
You’re welcome to make a donation before or after our session.
You can schedule a date and time for your session through my booking page (link below).
if you have any questions about the sessions please don’t hesitate to ask.