Untitled Thoughts #14

There are no fixed points.

Try to find something, anything in your experience that is permanent and unchanging.

(Spoiler: you won’t, there isn’t.)

Identify the sense I AM. Abide as that. And if you find your mind has wandered, simply and gently return your attention to the I AM. Do this for a set time every day or simply do it whenever it occurs to you.

Through frequent repeated practice the experience and recognition of your true nature as awareness will dawn naturally and ultimately will become permanently established. 

The faith to follow this instruction, to try it out in earnest, is all the faith that’s required in this teaching. The faith to find out for oneself what is true and real. 

Everything is forgiven. We are redeemed by the fact of love. We are redeemed the moment we choose to accept what is always already true. And even if we don’t or can’t, still we are. 

In regard to a difficult sensation or experience, ask: is it permanent? And then watch and see to find out.

You’ll also notice that you’re forced to try to identify the parameters and qualities of the thing being observed. Ask: where does it begin, where does it end? And if it’s ‘difficult’, what is it that makes it so?

Scrutinise, interrogate, inquire, observe. What is going on? What is the nature of this apparent thing, this experience?

Everyone’s so caught up in speech and language

And so much reality is lost to them

They mistake language and concepts 

To be reality itself

This is why the culture is so lost

No conscious contact with the truth of what is

Minds captured by concepts

Lost in mental constructions

To the point that they disbelieve the existence

Of anything but that

Deep confusion and delusion

Life flows by without description

No need to explain 

No need to judge

It simply is

There’s nothing in particular that you can put your finger on. It’s gone before you know it. But what knows? What is always present to all that passes? This is the true refuge, the true home, the true identity. 

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