“It’s Grace alone that brings the desire for liberation and it’s Grace alone that fulfills it.”

Welcome to Satsang. Exploring present-moment awareness together.

Most people’s lives are profoundly oriented around the belief in the personal identity as a body-mind (ego). Nondual inquiry (Satsang) is the context in which the exploration and recognition of our true nature can take place, facilitating the deconstruction of the false ego-identity which is the cause of suffering, and revealing our true nature as awareness itself – what is.

In this process everyone is unique and everyone holds a particular set of false notions and concepts relating to who they think they are and how the world is. It’s only when we start exploring these assumptions can we test their veracity against our actual lived experience.

Living as the ego is experiencing life through the prism of false ideas, rather than the freedom of life lived directly as it is. It’s the difference between suffering feelings of incompleteness, anxiety, and limitation; and a life of openness, acceptance, peace of mind, and natural joy. Satsang is an opportunity to explore the reality of your lived experience, and to see what – if anything – stands between you and your nature as freedom and peace.

I offer one-on-one Satsang and Shaktipat transmission sessions over Skype.

(Shaktipat is an energetic transmission of Grace that supports effortless spiritual awakening. It takes 15 minutes and is done at the end of a Satsang session.)

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