Episode 30: Meeting in the Depths

In this episode we explore how in our daily lives we often struggle to truly meet others and be present with the full breadth of their experience. Consumed by the chatter of our minds, we miss subtle emotions, sensations, and the depths of our inner lives.

While pleasant feelings are easy to embrace, difficult ones are often avoided – yet suppressing strong emotions leads to suffering.

True growth requires extending beyond our boundaries into the unknown, which can trigger fear. But meeting ourselves and others without conditions, through compassionate listening and tender witnessing, is the essence of healing.

We also discuss how Satsang is not not an intellectual exercise, but an experiential journey of self-inquiry. Noting how meditation and self-inquiry are complementary practices for accessing the present moment. The living transmission of satsang supports clarity until we awaken to the truth: “I am That which is being pointed to.”

Join us on this tender exploration of what it truly means to meet another human being in the depths.


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