Good Friday

What must die? All forms, identities.
What is Risen? Life itself, triumphant.

Because there is no death, ultimately.
Life Eternal is enduring by definition.

Today is the sacrifice, the surrender of all for the sake of Truth.

Do I believe in Jesus? Not as such.

But it’s impossible to deny the sacrifice that all must face, finally and in each moment. The death of each moment, endlessly. The end of everything we think we are for what is risen anew. Each moment a new frame, a new being, created complete.

It’s so fast we miss it, a blur of newness, so rapid that the very destruction and creation is hidden in plain sight. We choose to see only the successive ‘peaks’ of creation, the frames of the movie of we call life. We avoid the void, the gap; the emptiness that terrifies the mind is missed completely.

But it’s here in the Mystery of sacrifice and silence that we find ourselves in our fullness.


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