What is This? Who am I? What am I? What kind of answers am I looking for? What could satisfy? Questions are beautiful, more illuminating than answers. Questions stop the mind. So if I told you “you are consciousness”, would that help? Would you be satisfied? Would your suffering diminish at all with that piece… Continue reading QUESTIONS


That we believe ourselves to be a person is completely taken for granted. We don’t even think to look into this, to question its veracity. We’ve been conditioned to stop short in our curiosity about our nature. Go all the way. Use your discrimination and intelligence to fathom what’s true. I can set you down… Continue reading KEEP QUIET


Trust, rest, all is well. You are home, always. This is it, believe it or not. Hope is for fools. Running, chasing, holding, grasping, needing, wanting. This is it, be here now. Let the hope fall away, need be gone, cherish what is, here, this. Simple, silence, source. Time? Gone too. Space? Just this, no… Continue reading TRUST