Is our conscience merely conditioning or is it a hotline to our divinity?

Do we follow where it leads? Do we trust it? Is it our lack of trust that makes us suffer? If we trusted every move we make as right and correct, even divinely ordained, or at the very least inevitable, would we be happy and free?

And do we even need to actively trust? Perhaps we could just abandon mistrust, drop the second-guessing and the doubt. Because it’s the mind with all its doubts and stories and judgements that causes all the misery.

But is such mindlessness tantamount to heedlessness, recklessness? Is it sociopathic to live without regret, without reference to good and bad, right and wrong?

This is still a mind-first view. From this perspective even when thoughts are absent the mind still dominates; the belief that the mind runs the show, leads the way.

Better to live from the heart, from our intuitive sense, that tender feeling level that connects us to all. From that level we don’t need to follow injunctions not to harm or to treat others well, we don’t need the mind to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, we KNOW.

“In love the law is fulfilled.”

This is the divine logic of universal love, that the law becomes redundant. Not heedlessly abandoned but fulfilled and more. Love is that simple, elegant solution to all the problems of the world.

– Martyn

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