Enlightened or not enlightened…

Enlightened or not enlightened, it’s the liberation that counts not some notion of attainment.

Is enlightenment about knowing something? Or is it what’s left when the knowing is gone? I wrote once that enlightenment isn’t anything, but delusion is. It’s a matter of perspective. Where do you stand?

And just because the majority view of reality is dualistic, it’s still a false view. There is an absolute reality, a final truth. Only it’s experiential not conceptual.

“It’s all just happening” is a fair description of what is. The prior-ness of awareness is glaring. It’s empty nature is obvious. That I AM/WE ARE THAT is undeniable. Might as well keep quiet.

The fact that this awakened reality is so simple makes it difficult for an egoic mind to accept.

Rest as awareness.
Abide as I AM.

That’s about as instructive as I get.

Notice, observe, be present, be aware. Recognise that consciousness in its unmixed state is primary, foundational.

Another way is let go, release, open, stop, allow.

Also: include, embrace, welcome everything.

When one recognises open awareness as the ground of (one’s) being, the release of resistance and contraction occurs. Or one can release grasping and resistance and the awareness-nature is cognised.

The underlying experiential unity remains as such whilst being mis-perceived as duality through the lens of conceptualisation.


Truth is simply what is. Nothing stacked, no multiplication of entities. Always singular, duality is entirely notional.

Can we chop it up in various ways? Sure. Are taxonomies and systems useful? Sure.

But liberation is clarity of singularity. Duality is not wrong, just not ultimate. The appearance of duality is a natural and spontaneous part of what is. All names and forms percolate as modulations in and of the nature of primordial consciousness.

In other words..

Reality is a dreamer.

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