The recognition of our nature as non-conceptual awareness — spiritual awakening — is relatively simple. But the consequences of this recognition typically have challenging implications for our human-ness, conditioned as it is around the ego-belief. Awakening is rarely the end of the story. A reconstruction of the lived experience and outward expression in light of the newly realised awareness-identity is inevitable, but it takes time to unfold.

During this post-awakening period, experience can alternate between heady bliss and the most challenging inner and outer experiences. It’s helpful to adopt the attitude of openness and allowing; to let whatever subjective experience that arises to pass through without resistance. This is perhaps the best way to minimise the ‘negative’ impact of this fundamental and necessary reorientation.

This process is an automatic one. For a while it probably won’t feel that way, you might feel that you have to ‘do’ something. But remember: allow, accept, let go, surrender (if you can). These are good pointers to be followed, but in time you’ll realise that they simply express your natural condition.

And trust the process, which is specific to your particular expression. Ultimately all that is untrue and a cause for suffering is falling away. What remains is the simple clarity of What Is.

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