The misty dreamlike haze of reality…

The misty dreamlike haze of reality
Only mind makes it seem solid

So what is real?
What’s the nature of actuality?
Just so we know what we’re talking about

Because a dream
Is a real dream
It’s just not the thing it seems to present

The world isn’t real
It’s just what we call real
What we take to be real

The conventional presumptions about its nature
Are unreal
Or rather, the presumptions are real
But what they presume is false

Even though the person is just an idea
And the world a mirage
Suffering is really suffering
Pain is really pain

So suffering is a real experience
Just based on false view of reality

It can’t be denied away
Dismissed as illusory

But when the false notions
Regarding its causes
Are known as such
Suffering ceases to be
And it no longer arises

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