The vast majority of people…

The vast majority of people simply are not interested in discovering their true nature. They don’t even know that such a thing exists or that there’s any other way to be than being caught up in the Samsara of impermanence, grasping and desperate pleasure-seeking.

I guess the Matrix movie had it right when it said that most people are so irretrievably plugged into the Matrix that to attempt to remove them would result in them attacking you for doing so.

Maybe that’s why the Buddhas, the saints, the sages, sometimes lure people out with promises – more this and more that, intelligence, energy, creativity, better this and better that. All the while they’re calling unwitting souls to their transcendence. So if you can’t persuaded, you can be inspired, perhaps, or lured.

Of course it’s an internal sprouting of the spiritual impulse that sets one on the path to Self-realisation. The seed of truth must sprout. And we all have that seed, but for most it lies dormant. Then one day it bursts open – who knows why – and begins to grow.

It’s the kindling of the Divine spark within until the fire of liberation consumes all that you aren’t.

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