Drop it all
Leave it all alone
And if you’re still having trouble
It means you’ve picked it up again

Yes it is

Do I need to elaborate?
After that is there any more to say?
Is that the final answer?
The only instruction?

Any more would be just to assuage doubts

Like, “Yes, drop *everything*”

“Even *XYZ*?”

“Yes, even that”

“But what if *insert another possible exception here*?”

You see how the mind goes?

“What part of *everything* don’t you understand?”

We are wooly thinkers
We lack discrimination

We take things on trust
When we’re too young to know better
And then we hold on for dear life
To ideas that never get explored
Fundamental notions that never see the light of day

And so the truth is an alien concept
We don’t even know what it means to be true
We take everything on authority
And never look for ourselves
We’re lazy
And we’re ill-equipped for exploration

It’s a sad state of affairs actually

In fact it’s this fundamental inability
To know shit from Shinola
Object from subject
Me from I
That wrecks our peace

And our ignorant grasping
And denial and defence
Of indefensible falsehoods
Is the endless wandering-on
Of samsara
The hamster wheel of suffering
On and on

But enough of the metaphors
And the spiritual rhetoric

“It is here, now!”
Is the truth
But drop all efforts
All mental engagement

What is here?
What Is?

Thoughts arise in this
But what is this?

Feelings happen
And sensations
Who knows?

Whatever is known
Who knows?
Is there a knower?
Or just knowing?

Don’t answer with the mind
Just let the question be
Let it fall away

Where are you?
Who are you?
What are you?
What is?

This is how to look
How to inquire
The question is a mirror
That has you look
Not answer

The seer and the seen
The knower and the known
Are one
Are not two


Is non-mentation the goal?
Or the means?
Or both?

It’s recognising
That no-mind
Is the basis of mind
That no-thought
And thoughts
Are not mutually exclusive

Is full
But the fullness
Is empty

The silence
And the dynamism

But the silence
Is the womb of the dynamism

When you find the silence
The empty awareness-space
And you know it as your very being
Then thoughts can come and go
Without any problem


Ananda is the bliss of the Self
It is the attractiveness
The joy of pure being
That draws the wayward mind
Back to its source

Ananda is the Bhakti
Chitta is the Jnani

Without the bliss
Why bother?
Without Ananda
How would you know in which direction to turn?
To find Satya, the Truth?

Freedom is coming home
To where you already are

The deluded person
Is an amnesiac king
Or queen

Freedom is remembering
Aham! I recall my Nature!
I know my Self!

The recognition and remembrance
Of that which is already true

The relief that comes
From shedding delusion
And living Truth

So take heart
And let go!


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