What magic comes from Silence?
All of it
Can’t you see it all comes from Nothing?

I’m a voice crying out from the wilderness
“It doesn’t matter!”
None of it matters

What matters
Is that we suffer
Or that suffering is
Can be

What do we do with that?
What can we do?

More questions

Find the one who asks the questions
Find the one who could know the answers

Uproot the whole premise
That there’s someone who needs to know
And that answers
Are the answer

It’s easier
If you just stop!


I can’t see any other way
Than to give it all up
But that’s not as bad
Or as radical
As you imagine

After all
Each night
You give up all that is
The whole world
For oblivion
You happily let it go
Drop into silence

It’s not so hard
To drop it all
In favor of rest

So why wait
Until you’re exhausted
To release your burden
To walk in peace
To trust

Notice what’s already true
Remember who you are
The veil falls
What a strange illusion!

The truth is not ‘other’
To be acquired
Or achieved

When all that passes
When all that can be
Is swept away
The truth
Is what remains

The truth
Is never untrue

What a riddle

Whatever is
Is truth


Delusion is suffering
Suffering is delusion

It’s no-ones fault
It’s not personal

Suffering arises
As the play of consciousness
Delusion –
A concept

Is that more fundamental?
Does love remain
When all else is gone?
Is love

That’s a question worth asking
An inquiry worth making
An answer
Worth living

Love is bliss in motion

And bliss isn’t pleasure alone
Something to chase
Some response to stimuli

Bliss is the heart of being
Bliss is the texture and taste
The fabric
The warp and woof
The root and the branch

It reveals itself
As you approach

It sets the compass
To true
To real
To this

The source of now
Is you
Is bliss

So is suffering bliss?
Is delusion bliss?
Is hate bliss?

Is pain bliss?

Such beautiful questions
What a worthy inquiry

Go find out
Find your own answers
If you want
Follow the questions
To their source

This is the way of inquiry

To follow outward
Is mind and confusion
To follow inward
Is wisdom and truth
And freedom

Herein lies the choice
Or so it seems
But who chooses?

The gravity of awakening
All efforts return
To their source
The clarity of stillness

Delusion thinks
“I am lost to myself”
“I return to myself”

But truth knows
“I am always in my nature”
“I am that I am”

We are all Buddha-nature
We are all already consciousness itself
And just because confusion and doubt are present
Doesn’t make it any less true

Thou Art That

This is the victory of Being
And the real hope and confidence
That the truth is true
And delusion and confusion
Are of the nature of smoke
Impermanent and insubstantial

All that can pass
Must pass

And what remains?


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