What are we but a self-knowing energetic field of consciousness?
And what is the nature of energy if not a quality of consciousness?

Self-examining our nature, that is, exploring consciousness with consciousness naturally results in the discovery of our formless nature. When we settle in to the direct observation of our essential subjectivity we find that we don’t find any hard edges, fixed forms, boundaries or irreducible objects at the centre or anywhere else.

In regard to self-identity this exploration into the very heart of our own sense of existence reveals no permanent, fixed entity to call ‘me’.

That’s not to say we don’t find any activity in this subjective field of awareness, on the contrary all possible activities arise here as wavelike fluctuations, whose ebb and flow constitute the kaleidoscope multi-sensory appearance we conceive of as ‘body’ and ’world’.


So that’s all good and true but I want to express a different kind of voice that speaks to the deepest allowing, to the discovery and dissolution of felt knots and boundaries in our living being. I want to speak of the intimacy of that, the closeness, the place that leads into and beyond any sense of separation in ourself, where IN becomes AS. And the work that is the courage to turn and face moment-to-moment that which we would rather not feel or know in ourselves; the courage and surrender to open ourselves fully to the storm of energetic embodiment; that radical act of complete inclusion and acceptance of all that arises and all that we are. So there’s that.

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