June 2017


    There’s nothing to do Nothing to think Nothing to drop Nothing to see Nothing to follow There’s no plan No strategy There’s nothing to believe Nothing to hold on to And nothing to let go of There’s nothing to hope for No future to come No past to understand There’s no right And no wrong… Continue reading


    My only aim is to help you recognise yourself as boundless, ever-present awareness right here and now, and to recognise your essential wholeness and completeness. Your true nature is easeful, lack-free Being; freedom and peace is who and what you are. Your awareness-nature is where you’re looking from, feeling from, sensing from. Look for yourself,… Continue reading


    The recognition of our nature as non-conceptual awareness — spiritual awakening — is relatively simple. But the consequences of this recognition typically have challenging implications for our human-ness, conditioned as it is around the ego-belief. Awakening is rarely the end of the story. A reconstruction of the lived experience and outward expression in light of the newly realised awareness-identity… Continue reading