• The Blaze

    The Blaze

    If your life is not for the world,Then give it to God.Because it’s not enough to knowWhat you’re not for,But what you are. Abandoning the worldMight seem to make an absence,But it revealsThe fullness of life,Of Being,Of God. Leave the world alone,And His presence awakensIn your heart,In all of you. He was already there,Waiting for… Continue reading

  • Just because…

    Just because…

    Just because the mind identifies the problem (of suffering) doesn’t mean it can provide the answer. Continue reading

  • Enjoy the bliss of this…

    Enjoy the bliss of this Without question or need Just falling ever into it Into this No questions asked No seeking found Heavenly peace Who knows where this freefall will lead? Or what we’ll encounter On this endless drop But who cares? Enjoy the ride The forever slide Helter-skelter Roller-coaster When we freefall We needn’t… Continue reading


    Trust Trust God Trust the Absolute Trust Life Trust consciousness Trust yourself Whether it’s Him or Her or It or I It doesn’t matter how we conceive of the Transcendent Supreme Just trust that the ‘Power Greater Than Ourselves’ is at work In all things And although those things and those workings May be beyond… Continue reading


    While faith has a political dimension Partisan politics is deeply divisive The faithful of whatever stripe Should cleanse their hearts of such division Individually we must include the ‘other’ Warts and all If our hearts are filled with self-righteousness And moral certainty Of the kind that condemns the other That abandons the other As fallen… Continue reading


    I’ll show you the Way  But will you follow? The Way is no way The Way is silence and surrender The Way is no effort The Way is ‘stop!’ The Way is just this The Way is no more seeking Can you see the Way? Can you accept the Way? Or will you reject it?… Continue reading


    The impulse to spiritual practice is the impulse to awaken so even if practice is wrong or poor or difficult or ineffectual it’s never misguided, and in the worst cases it can be redirected or transformed to better express the core impulse. All the prayers and mantras and chants are well and good but the… Continue reading


    True humility comes when you run out of strategies and realise that you’re powerless Surrender comes as a result of this It’s something that happens not something ‘you’ do This is the difference between prescription and description in spiritual teachings The seeker hears prescription Because it can only understand what it hears in terms of… Continue reading


    The dichotomy dissolves Of subject and object Spiritual knowledge goes Spiritual persona goes Just this Whatever is happening Is it Doubt Is it Mental discussions About how this can’t be it Is it You can’t turn anywhere Touch anything Hear anything Feel, taste Without it being it There’s nothing that isn’t it And there’s nothing… Continue reading


    we are natural forms organic creatures more like trees and thickets than the straight, chiselled lines we’ve come to measure ourselves against it’s easy to forget and to distance + seclude ourselves, inside our toy boxes and tool sheds and coffins stone + wood from the earth but sawn + measured built to contain our… Continue reading