April 2020


    Among other things, spiritual awakening is the trigger for radical release, the popped cork that frees up the suppressed energetics held in place by the egoic self. So post-awakening there can often be — but not always — a strong and sometimes lengthy release of embodied trauma. Many people experience this to varying degrees, but… Continue reading

  • True freedom is not to escape fear…

    True freedom is not to escape fear, anxiety, and depression, but to accept them; to allow and include them in and as our being. The rejection of some aspect of our being as unwanted or unwelcome is the birth of separation, the creation of the idea of division where there is only wholeness. Allowing what-is… Continue reading


    There’s not a lot of Unity in the Bible, not on the surface anyway; you have to really go looking for it, and even then. But the Kabbalah is a rich map of reality. It shows that from the most abstract unmanifest divine truth, a sequential unfoldment or manifestation occurs. But even so, all this… Continue reading


    Do I have an overarching thesis? Yes. It’s that our nature is Divine consciousness and our forgetfulness of that reality makes us suffer. Now ‘Divine’ is a very particular word and I use it in the sense that it pertains to the supreme being, the absolute, ultimate intelligence, the source of all. And ‘forgetfulness’ is… Continue reading


    My sense is that at the very least Jesus was an exemplar to what it is to live in truth, to live in complete loyalty to the dictates of one’s conscience and an embodiment of radical, universal love. But his story also showed in the people around him what the egoic mind would do to… Continue reading


    It’s worth remembering that when we deal with the Devil he honours his side of the bargain and we do actually get what we wanted, or so the stories tell. We want to be rich and powerful; done. We want to be a great blues guitarist; done. The problem isn’t that he doesn’t deliver, it’s… Continue reading


    Is our conscience merely conditioning or is it a hotline to our divinity? Do we follow where it leads? Do we trust it? Is it our lack of trust that makes us suffer? If we trusted every move we make as right and correct, even divinely ordained, or at the very least inevitable, would we… Continue reading


    I’ve been thinking about narratives and how they help us make sense of the world, stories that approximate a description of what’s going on essentially. For me it’s a spiritual story, obviously. Something like; the soul comes to grow and evolve and ultimately to restore its dignity and wholeness and identity with its Divine origin.… Continue reading


    The tagline on my website used to say, ‘exploring present-moment awareness’ which sounds okay on the face of it, but the truth is I’m not exploring at all; I’m observing, witnessing. I’m not going anywhere or doing anything, I’m not plumbing any depths, I’m not even responding to anything; I’m just here, watching ‘the world’… Continue reading