Nothing to see, nothing to do. Just what is.

I, I, I,.. there is no separate I. When you remove the voice that says that you do, or that you can do, what’s left and how does it move?

We abide as Big Mind, as Self. Consciousness is dreaming the world into existence. And who am I? Who are you in all this? In this one consciousness, who is the seer?

Discovering the truth of our being is not an intellectual exercise, it’s not about coming to some conclusions conceptually or satisfying the analytic mind. We must come to directly apprehend our essential awareness-nature.

Fortunately consciousness is always ‘on’, always here, there’s nowhere to go to find it. Existence IS, you are. It is the fact of being. Reality itself cannot be negated, it is affirmed in its own self-evident existence.

Identify your sense of existence, the I AM, settle into your own being, .

It is the root of fearlessness, the home of joy. It is intrinsic peace. The ultimate reality is this aliveness itself; timelessness and abundance are always here, always now, always this.

And as we discover and confirm it as the essence of our being, the sense of separation and doership slips away, life flows freely, and deep fulfilment and peace are realised.

The mind is always empty. Do the thoughts that appear affect the open awareness that you are? Is the ocean any less itself because of the presence of waves? Who are you anyway – the ocean or the wave?

“Neti, neti” negates that which is untrue, that which obscures the truth. What remains, is. It is known by itself, in itself. Emptiness, nothingness, the void – these descriptions fail to assert the essential ‘is’-ness of this. Always here, always existent. Never non-existent, never not-being. But don’t mistake the manifest for the essential, because in the absence of the manifest, in the field of the unmanifest, I Am, consciousness is.

We say mind, awareness, consciousness – but these are all just descriptions. We also talk about letting go, dropping – again these are all descriptions, or at best, pointers to something essential in our own experience.


The value of bringing your attention to your present-moment experience cannot be overstated. Of all the pointers this is one of the most crucial, because it’s the arena in which the work is done, where that which must be seen is seen. It’s always here and it’s always now.

And even simply remembering to allow your attention to be with what’s present, that alone begins the blossoming of your natural awakening. Perhaps it’s better to say that the fact that your attention/awareness is more consistently abiding in the Now is symptomatic of the natural blossoming of awakened consciousness.

Ultimately Reality is known in its own terms, in its own sentient knowingness when all concepts, descriptions, pointers are gone.

What we’re concerned with isn’t some intellectual model of the cosmos. What we’re concerned with is suffering and affliction in all its forms, and by inquiring into the nature of this suffering we find that it’s essentially a conceptual issue, born of delusion, misunderstanding, ignorance.

So we question, inquire, introspect: who suffers, who is ignorant, who is it that misunderstands? And when the identity and existence of that one can’t be found, what then?

Can there be suffering without a sufferer?

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