While faith has a political dimension Partisan politics is deeply divisive The faithful of whatever stripe Should cleanse their hearts of such division Individually we must include the ‘other’ Warts and all If our hearts are filled with self-righteousness And moral certainty Of the kind that condemns the other That abandons the other As fallen And unworthy Of love Forgiveness Charity As beyond the dignity of consideration Then we are the fallen ones We have failed in our task Of spiritual inclusion When we close our hearts To the ‘other side’ Then it is us Who must soften And put down our stones And work to remove the beams from our eyes And give of OUR shirt and coat And by example show love Not by condemnation Not by the ‘public prayer’ Of signalling our superior virtue But by the demonstration Of our living faithfulness To kindness Love Generosity Forgiveness To our neighbour And our enemy! And then And only then Can we win hearts And minds So I ask While we condemn Our political enemies Do we forgive and pray for them? With love not contempt With humility not moral arrogance For it is we who must search our hearts So that we may stand as living witness And testament To love Happy Holidays

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