For those who seek Truth…

For those who seek Truth
And leave the dream circus behind
The Self is liberation

All pointings are imperfect
But when the Self wishes to be known
Who could stop it?
What could obscure it?

The seeker is helpless to see
What is right under their nose
Hidden in plain sight
As the Seer itself

Of course no phenomena
Truly obscures the truth
Just a habit of conception
And the presence of belief
Serve to delude the mind

But consciousness is primary
Always is
Always was

The personal self
While deeply felt and known
Is an experience
While not to be rejected
Is not to be tightly grasped

Consciousness allows all things
By its very nature
It is acceptance itself
It offers no resistance
To anything it contains

And it grasps nothing
It loves all
Allows all
Welcomes all
And allows all to pass away

It provides the space
For all to be
It is utterly loving and forgiving
Its nature offers no boundaries
No limitations

Consciousness holds no grudges
Excludes nothing

It is the knowing of all things
And all things are of it

In the final analysis
It is the living unity beyond all notions of duality
It is the subjectivity of the subject
Sentience itself
And yet beyond all description or containment

It is none other than our very Self
The ground and substance of our being and knowing
Right now in this moment
Always now
Always here

Rest as awareness
And when that instruction
Becomes a description
Then you’re home
And you’ll know
That you always were


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