Sit quietly…

Sit quietly
And with your inner awareness
Try to find somewhere where you have control
I’m not suggesting you try to take control
Just see if you can find any possibility to do so

Be curious and notice
What are the foundations of movement and change in your experience?
How do they come about and where do they go?
See if you can find an initiator of any experience or action

To whom do experiences occur?
Thoughts, sensations?
Who are you that knows these things?
What are you?
What is your real nature?

Are you a form?
Or are you that which knows forms?
Are you a thought?
Or are you the knower of the thought?

Who are you?

Because you ARE, you exist
That’s a plain fact
Your own existence
Is a direct and undeniable knowledge

But if we believe that all there is
Is form and thought and sensation
Nothing but passing phenomena
And all we are or could be
Is some impermanent thing
Then we live in fear and vulnerability

Fortunately we’re not that
Fortunately the belief that we are is false
Fortunately we can come to recognise
The truth of who and what we are
And live in abiding freedom and peace
And acceptance

It won’t mean that the forms and sensations and thoughts
Won’t continue to come and go
In us, as consciousness
Rather we become free to experience it all
Include it all
Even enjoy it all
Without resistance or clinging

We are already this
This is already true
It’s only the belief that it isn’t
That we suffer
That obscures our happiness
Our freedom
Our love

This belief is based on a misapprehension of reality
Like the natural fear at the sight of a deadly snake
That disperses when it’s seen to be in fact a coiled rope

So the fear and vulnerability we naturally feel
When we believe ourselves to be merely the body
Disappears when we recognise our true nature


In the grand scheme of things
It’s not wrong or a mistake
That false beliefs are present
And that suffering arises with them

All is as it is
As it must be

The inscrutable and unfathomable unfoldment of consciousness
Is spontaneous and uncaused

Perhaps it’s through this deluding power called maya
That the wholeness gets to play the role of separation
And multiplicity
The play of being and becoming

But when it’s due
The individual soul
Awakens to its true nature

And the ‘I’ that seemed to point to the personal self
Is remembered and recognised as the infinite being itself
Even as the play continues
Like a dreamer awakening within the dream

This is liberation

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