I don’t like cynicism…

I don’t like cynicism. It gets over-used. It may be that sometimes its target is justified. But it rapidly becomes a blanket philosophy for life. An easy cop-out from sincerity and vulnerability. And then its just like adding poison to every meal.

It’s much harder but more rewarding to try to see the best in people. Or at least not to unremittingly project the worst.


2 responses to “I don’t like cynicism…”

  1. I always saw cynicism as exactly that, a cop-out, denial, refusal to face whatever needs facing in particular within ourselves etc.
    I also noticed that sometimes cynicism and scepticism are used interchangeably!

    1. Yes, expecting the worst is a way of getting some certainty instead of staying open and ‘not knowing’. So I see why it gets adopted as a habit because of that pay-off. I guess it can be a form of faux-knowing to comfort a fearful mind.

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