There’s not much to be said…

There’s not much to be said ultimately about what we should be or shouldn’t be doing. Or notions like being in or out of alignment with the ‘higher truth’. Ideas like sin, right action, or ‘being in accord with natural law’ are useful to a point. But as you approach the real state of affairs it’s clear that these notions of agency just don’t describe what’s truly happening.

It’s hard to know when it’s justified to use these relative ideas. We do have minds capable of imagination so it’s only natural that they get tend to map out possible futures. And it’s fair to say that the illusion of separation and agency are self-supporting. It’s just how the story of being is being told from the perspective of a notional individual.

But it can be a cold truth this nondoership. In many ways when the illusion of personal autonomy and agency is seen through, all that’s left is to winess the spontaneous display of life, to observe as awareness.

But we are also an avatar of the singular totality. The conscious leading edge of the universal unfoldment. When it moves, we move. When we move, it moves. It’s reciprocal, participatory on that level.

So there’s no need for disempowerment. We are wholeness in motion. We get to enjoy the ride.

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