Our minds are so conditioned…

Our minds are so conditioned for complexity, engagement, entertainment. It’s often a challenge just to be willing and able to let go of all these outward drags, and instead allow the mind and being to settle down within itself. To just stop grasping and chasing and see what comes to take its place.

To take a moment to discover what is the sense of being without the seeking and needing. To see what’s here when we let go of ‘all the things’.

And I say willingness because if we’re not even willing to try this, to take a chance on some new way of being, we’ll truly never know what we’re missing. Right here and right now. If we give it space. If we let go.

Our peace is here, but our chasing and seeking drowns it out with all the noisy hustle. Our peace is here when we stop. Could it be any simpler?

It doesn’t cost anything and we don’t have to go anywhere to get it. It’s like we’ve been driving around, up and down, all around, looking for some quiet. Finally we give up, park up and turn the engine off, and there it is! Quiet, peace, and with it, joy.

And of course it was always already available. But ironically the effort to find it was the very thing that obscured it.

So just stop. Call off the search and see what remains.


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