The Global Ascension narrative is a huge distraction…

The Global Ascension narrative is a huge distraction and deflection from the real work of Self-realization. So many seekers waiting for the world to ascend to higher consciousness, waiting to catch a ride on the Global Awakening tour bus are misguided and misdirected. Because this waiting is a hidden avoidance. Waiting for the rising waters to raise all the boats, or trying to save the world before you yourself are saved is a juicy racket with a tasty bullet-proof payoff for the ego. Because you get to look spiritual and committed while hiding in plain sight.

And of course the logic of it is absurd. That we all have to wait for our awakening until the whole world levels up. Really? Haven’t you noticed all the countless sages throughout the millennia to the present day who have become enlightened without the benefit of the Mayan calendar or whatever eschatology is du jour?

Do the work of SELF-realization first. It’s like when the masks come down on the decompressing aeroplane: you put your own mask on first, then you can help others. You’re of no use to anyone otherwise. And when you’re saved you might just help save all the other passengers. Maybe that’s how the Global Level-up happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Because we don’t know if or when this global awakening will come. How long have we been waiting for the Great Spiritual Dawn? What historical age didn’t believe they were living in the End Days, and the Kingdom of Heaven was on its way, imminently? We’re all still waiting.

But even if we were living in the depths of the darkest age, and we may be, and the Age of Light was ten-thousand years away, true awakening is still available to you now. So don’t wait for something or someone to save you from yourself. Take your spiritual destiny in your own hands and discover your True Nature, your inherent freedom, and on that basis become a light for all.


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