Attention wants to rest somewhere…

Attention wants to rest somewhere, it’s always looking for an object, and so it becomes the monkey mind that endlessly jumps from tree to tree. But when we recognise our naked subjectivity, open awareness, the attention can settle back into its own source. This puts an end to the seeking mind.

The easefulness of mental repose. Resting as awareness.

There are so many ways into ‘this’ it can get confusing. Allowing and including, recognising impermanence, awareness of awareness, not-self, “who am I?”, I Am, rest as awareness, keep quiet, noticing the spontaneity of thoughts and thinking…

Is there a final, fundamental, panacean pointing?

It’s clear to me that awareness of awareness as the ground of all being and becoming is the essence of Self-realization. We call it awakening, but what are we awakening to? From?

That we are the dreamer of the dream, and the dream too.

Will my words help anyone? I can’t say. But it’s what I’ve found to be true in regard to the end of suffering.

Believing that we’re the body and mind causes our suffering. Broadly speaking.

And so awakening is (the result of) that liberating insight.

But it’s an ‘experiment’ that each must run for themselves to find out whether there’s any truth in it. It’s not a concept to accepted or denied intellectually. It’s a living reality to explore and discover. Ultimately it’s a truth to be recognised and accepted.


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