I’ll show you the Way 
But will you follow?

The Way is no way
The Way is silence and surrender
The Way is no effort
The Way is ‘stop!’
The Way is just this
The Way is no more seeking

Can you see the Way?
Can you accept the Way?
Or will you reject it?

Wherever you plant your foot is the Way
Wherever your eye lands is the Way
And the foot and the eye

The Way is unmissable
Because it’s everywhere
And everything

All beings everywhere follow the Way
There are none that fall from the Way
Because whatever occurs is the Way

Even the thrashing and tantrums
And refusals and resisting
The obstinate willful ignoring
The wailing and self-pity

There’s nothing 
That does not show the Way

Suffering is the Way
Joy is the way
What is not the Way?

The Way embraces and upholds all
Includes all 
Nourishes all

Be at peace 
The Way has you


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