Trust, rest, all is well.

You are home, always. This is it, believe it or not.

Hope is for fools. Running, chasing, holding, grasping, needing, wanting.

This is it, be here now.

Let the hope fall away, need be gone, cherish what is, here, this.

Simple, silence, source.

Time? Gone too.

Space? Just this, no inner, no outer, no names.


Put your house in order, tidy your room, take out the trash, clean your teeth, pay the rent, do your job, become what you must become, live up to your potential, hold the line, stand your ground, sink or swim, do or do not (there is no try).

Abide. The Dude abides

I stare into the depths, the deep waters of the mind, nothing stirs, for now. And then..

Any dragons today?

I have to keep telling people that they’re wrong. I have to take their personal viewpoint and show them, if they’re willing to see, that they don’t exist as they believe themselves to be.

Even though what I show them about themselves is far greater and more permanent and fulfilling, even so they mostly don’t want to hear it or see it. But when they do, and they go “aaaaha!”, we share a communion of spirit, of truth, of reality and being. We share the recognition in union, and the resistance of the person is forgotten and forgiven.

The person stands in the way of the truth.

The person is fun while it lasts.

The person is a cartoon character who thinks it’s alive.

The person is an appearance in the Self.

Which are you? Can you choose? The ‘me’ or the ‘I’?

The person will end one way or the other.

The Self remains.


You exist as transpersonal Being. In fact even describing your essential nature in terms of personhood is misguided. You are the unconditioned Satchitananda, the eternal Brahman, that which Is, in which the unending multitude of beings are born and die. But all that appears to you and in you is a mere dream.


You have forgotten your nature, you wear a mask that you take to be yourself, but the mask was never you, and for all your lapses of memory you remain the supreme Self.

When you give up your human tics like grasping, and hiding, and resisting, and wilful blindness, then what’s left is you as I AM.

Blast away your trivial attachments to minor powers and social currencies that only serve to bolster the pitiful illusion of personhood. Behold your Emptiness, endless and alive, eternal and inexhaustible, limitless. Jettison your faintheartedness.

Stand free! Stand free!

I am the deep waters
and the pouring rain

I am the swamp of hope
the mud of delusion

I am blue sky
wide and open

I am the cloudless night

Of mountains
I am Meru

Of oceans
I am the deep blue

Of ravages
I am time

Of hatred
I am the betrayed

Of sleep
I am eternal slumber

Of love
I am the devoted

Of time
I am now

Of sex
I am tantra

Of hope
I am love

Of music
I am silence

Of beauty
I am youth

Of knowledge

To what extent is clinging to strong views problematic? Ideology?

In the absence of the recognition of the unconditioned view and the attendant satisfaction of the identifying function with the unbounded and eternal awareness-nature, the identifying function does its best with what is at hand, namely transient phenomenal ‘objects’. Now the more obvious objects of identification include the body and material ‘possessions’. But the more subtle ones are subtle abstract concepts, such as religious ideations and ideological constructs.

Naturally these conceptual objects are exclusive, failing as they to do to be all-encompassing, and limited, as they are, in their nature as mere mental constructs..

Why are we so terrified of the void? Why do we so desperately need to have something to cling to? Have some spine, people!

Just let go.

Holding on is such hard work. Aren’t you exhausted yet? Are you done yet trying to figure it all out? What would happen if you just stopped and gave up? Aren’t you even a little curious?

Struggle, holding tight to the reins. Release your grip, give your white-knuckles a break and just see what happens. Breathe. Breathe again. Introduce yourself to a more easeful way to be. Learn to relax. Could it be so simple?

Stay open. It’s a beginning. Turn up, sit, wait, watch.

Breathe, and breathe..


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