If we saw the world at different scales we’d have quite a different experience and conception of reality. If we saw it at the atomic scale there’d be a lot of empty space and atoms but no material objects as such.

Looking beyond atoms we’d see vibrations of the underlying field.


People at levels of consciousness report similar conceptions of reality. Like distinct patterns and forms emerging from sound vibrations through a substrate. Mind is a matrix/nexus of interlocking self-supporting structures of relative intelligence.


Mind is embodied.
It’s not just a superimposition, it’s the emergent conceptual correlate of the embodied intelligence.

Mind + Body
Thinking + Feeling/Sensing

Mind describes and expresses what awareness sees/knows.

In nature there is a progressive development of expressed embodied intelligence, from simple to complex forms and systems, expressed in stages of characteristic organisation, progressively becoming transparent to the underlying substrate of awareness.

The ‘personal’ unfolds in the context of the non-personal. The non-personal is not person shaped!

Reality is not defined by what it is not.

Non-personal is a description only for the benefit of the person.

Trans-personal is trans-everything.
Not to be defined in terms of what it isn’t.

Body is mind, mind is body.
Deeply connected and related.
Mind is an correlating expression of the somatic experience.

Drop into the body.

Atma Vichara is exploring the nature of the lived experience from first principles.

Is the body embodied?

Experience of embodiment..

Vision is a seamless, unified, kaleidoscopic image arising in awareness.
Sensing/feeling is a sea of energetic textures arising in awareness.

All appearances are differentiated but not fundamentally separated.

Separation is arbitrary and notional.

So the body is a range of feelings and sensations, supported by a notional body-image and a morphing self-conception.

Dispelling the illusion of separateness on the level of self-experiencing (felt and observed) informs the correlating conceptual expressions, mind.


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