Is there evidence for the existence of an outside/objective world separate and independent from the awareness in which it appears?

We can see that the awareness itself is malleable to an (presumably) infinite degree. Or not. Are there limits to the plasticity of relative arising? Is there a higher and lower limit, a range of phenomenality? Is there a finest and a fastest? A brightest? A subtlest? Or is it infinity in all directions? And infinite depth, an eternal well?

This infinite dance of appearances.

All the while the eternal Witness-subtrate is present, never changing, I AM, I AM, I AM. Always eternal Being, not personal but awake, alive, aware.

The nature of the ‘world’ is that no matter how closely you look it never resolves to certainty. There’s apparently no end to its kaleidoscopic blossoming at any scale. And what is scale anyway? It’s all relative to the nominal, containing space of awareness.

There are more questions than answers, and the bedrock we so desperately seek is ever elusive, yielding endlessly to emptiness and formlessness.

The heart of life is void of form, but filled with Being.

Ah! The bliss of This!


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