Untitled Thoughts #11

Just because the nature of conditioned reality
Is an illusion
Is dream-like
And ultimately incorporeal
Doesn’t mean that it’s to be denied
Or seen as a problem in itself

And the presence of suffering
In the conditioned realm
Doesn’t necessitate
The wholesale abandonment
Of all experiencing

Just see through the illusion
And enjoy the ride

Everything we need to know
Is available to us in this moment

So rest in the signless absorption of the heart
And simply stay there

It’s the being that’s important
To our freedom
Not the doing

Doing is secondary

Being is essential

If we look closely
We might find that
We’re doing exactly
What we should be doing
At every moment
And what is happening
Is natural and spontaneous
And absolutely correct

Every thought, feeling, impression
Can be recognised
As correct, right, true, essential
Necessary, good

So we shouldn’t presume
That what we happen to be doing
That what is happening
Is wrong
Or a mistake

And at a higher level of understanding
Even the presence of the feeling
That something is wrong
Is also right

The meta of all conditions
Is goodness

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