Untitled Thoughts #10

Make no promises or predictions
Just take each step as it comes

Notice the effects of notions and ideas
On your moment-to-moment sense of well-being
It’s like you can keep noticing and rooting out
Those notions that lie about the nature of reality
And sometimes it’s not so obvious
Because the false ideas are part and parcel
Of the consensus paradigm

Making promises for example
“I will do this (or that)”
Is completely untenable
And unenforceable
The future is not ours to determine

We can hope
We can speculate
But promise?

Don’t make God laugh

And so we can feel those in our system
When we tell those lies
And lies is what they are

“I hope to…”
“I intend to…”
“I want to…”
Are better

“I will…”
“I won’t…”
Need qualifying

Deo volente
God willing
Que sera sera
We shall see

It’s not about word policing
It’s about congruence


Our lives are not our own
We are carried and directed and held
By, in and as
Our true nature
Being Itself

Our petty personal demands on reality
Are the mutterings of deluded minds
Minds with no power
No autonomy
No volition

We’re already doing the will
Of the Absolute
It’s just that our minds
Our understanding
And our recognition
Need to catch up
To what’s going on

“Thy will be done”
Is a statement of fact
Not submission
Or hope

Pray, reflect, meditate, inquire
Get straight with the truth
With reality

We, as the cosmic nature
The universal field of consciousness
Unfold, undulate, modulate, vibrate
Spontaneously in our own infinite nature

Thus ‘person and world’ arise
As momentary appearances
Manifestations and expressions
Of the divine intelligence
That we are

Projections of our own boundless awareness nature

The sages say
“All This is That”
All that is known
Or can be known
Is That Oneness

When the mind shuts the F.U.
Then the Boundless Reality can be glimpsed
And when that glimpse becomes the Ground
Then we see the Self in all
And all in the Self

Personally I’m kinda done with the materialist secular paradigm. The modernist transactionalist mode of being.

I get it
I get capitalism
And value creation
I get the value of scientific materialism
I get the upsides

But it all leaves a lot to be desired in terms of human meaning and well-being.

This Bible verse is interesting to me:

But first seek his (God’s) Kingdom and his justice, and all of these things shall be supplied to you.

What’s interesting is that it doesn’t say to seek ONLY the Kingdom. Just that we have to put first things first. We must put things in their proper order. Then all the ‘things’ will be given to us. So even though it says that the Kingdom is not of this world, and that wealth can be problematic, it’s not telling us to deny the needs of the world. Just to recognise that we should seek the Highest first.

And so herein lies my problem with secular materialism, that the objects, the ‘things’ are sought as ends in themselves without the recognition or thanks for whence they come. We take it all for granted. We feel entitled to ‘the good life’. We feel that we can earn it, work for it or be worthy of it. We imagine that the gifts of life are merely a transactional matter.

But all that we have and all that we are are gifted to us. Our bodies and minds, our upbringing, our capacities, our environment, our qualities of intelligence, creativity, our tendencies. Even our thoughts, feelings, wants, needs. We can’t lay claim on any of them. They all just come from nothing. We are merely the witnesses of our own manifestation at all levels.

Seeing this truth brings humility. And humility destroys entitlement and arrogance and stirs gratitude in our hearts.

So sure, enjoy the gifts and fruit of life and living. But seek first the kingdom that is truth and peace and joy and oneness.

“Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

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