Untitled Thoughts #13

untitled thoughts 13

Loving the gap.

When thoughts drop away, leave them there. Enjoy the gap, the silent space of being. Non-grasping, aconceptual aware presence.

Just go with your flow, remain unattached. If there’s frustration there’s expectation and desire. Wanting something that isn’t usually leads to suffering if grasping and thirsting are also present.

If something “must (or mustn’t) be this way!” it’s a problem.

Reality is a totality of inevitability. Who the hell are we to know, let alone determine what is or will be?

What is the nature of a calling and what it is to respond to or follow it? Discernment is crucial but not always easy. It’s about conscience, intuition, fear, courage, resistance, trauma. It’s all of these and more. But know that the experience of true purpose and meaning is kind of joy.

Purpose, meaning. Doing because you’re called to it, inspired to action. What determines its validity? Intuitive knowingness. It’s time we lived by the light and guidance of the spirit not the law or outer authorities.

But to do so requires discernment and trust. Identify your intuitive light, your own whisper of truth and guidance. Listen to it. Then follow it fearlessly, or at least courageously. There’s the adventure of a lifetime.

Wanting time to pass sooner is an avoidance strategy. Something here and now is being avoided or denied. Zen that shit, baby. Be-here-now. This-is-it. Home again, home again.

God is everything. Nothing exists outside of God. So we already ‘partake’ (to use the language of theosis) of the divine nature. So it’s about unveiling our already present unicity rather than creating it.

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