• Finding My Process

    Finding My Process

    Creative process is a really interesting subject to me. All creatives seem to have one, but the only commonality is that there is one. The details vary considerably. “Find your own way,” seems to be the imperative. Find out by doing and then reflecting on the doing. Maybe then you can extract some rules or guidelines, some… Continue reading

  • Untitled Thoughts #13

    Untitled Thoughts #13

    Loving the gap. When thoughts drop away, leave them there. Enjoy the gap, the silent space of being. Non-grasping, aconceptual aware presence. Just go with your flow, remain unattached. If there’s frustration there’s expectation and desire. Wanting something that isn’t usually leads to suffering if grasping and thirsting are also present. If something “must (or… Continue reading

  • The Page

    The Page

    I show up to write each day but it’s sometimes hard to turn up at the page with nothing around me. The room I’m in has no interesting elements or items within eyeshot. The computer desktop on which the writing page itself sits is completely bare. All intentionally reduced. That I have a twinge of… Continue reading

  • Notice and Return

    Notice and Return

    In meditation and in life, notice when you’re hooked and return to the present moment. Keep doing that and after a while the notice doesn’t require a return. Just noticing is enough. The consistent and natural presence of awareness to the hookedness allows it just release and disappear back from whence it came. What I’m… Continue reading

  • Some thoughts on the creative calling…

    Some thoughts on the creative calling…

    We’re called to face our fears and act according to our intuitive inspiration. This is the calling. And a true calling won’t let us off the hook. It gets all entangled with our conscience. Not heeding it will stop us sleeping at night, it’ll fill our souls with guilt and doubt and anxiety, it’ll nag… Continue reading

  • Creativity is the mirror of the spirit…

    Creativity is the mirror of the spirit…

    Creativity is the mirror of the spirit. Something from nothing. Endless spontaneous proliferation of forms from the unmanifest field of pure potentiality. To create is to participate in that miracle. As above so below.   Continue reading

  • The miracle of the first turtle…

    The miracle of the first turtle…

    I’ve always been interested on the creative process itself as much as artistic outcomes. It’s the magic of something from nothing. The mystery of that. The spark of inspiration that calls us to follow where it leads – one trusting step after another. The unpacking and unfolding the tender seed of an idea. In this… Continue reading


    Spiritual awakening is a lot like the creative process, because when you engage in meditation or introspection or inquiry, if you’re motivated by money or acquisition or anything like that it pollutes the process. It’s more important to be open and to play and be curious, to be intuitive and fearless rather than be wondering… Continue reading