We are spiritual beings…

We are spiritual beings and the problems we have and those we create are the consequence of our alienation from our true nature. We need to rediscover our silent, blissful nature within. Without the living knowledge of who and what we are, life is disintegrated and unsatisfactory.

We are the Supreme Self manifesting as the appearance of a person, a world and others. The good news is despite our apparent disconnection from our true nature, we are destined to return to where we‘ve never left. The worldappearance is orchestrated to that sublime end.

We are That, always. And we rediscover our boundless wholeness when the limiting egoic notions are dissolved and dispelled in the light of truth. Falsehood cannot stand long against reality.

So for now we play out our roles in the grand cosmic theatre we call life. And one day in this dream of time we‘ll come into the remembrance of what we truly are the dreamer not the dreamed.

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