We have to be patient and watch…

We have to be patient and watch what plays out. It’s never a question of having to make a decision or choice. It’s about how conscious intelligence unpacks and naturally comes to the inevitable.

If we’re impatient we can think that we’re doing something, that we’re playing the part of a decision maker. But we’re not, we’re the witness of the natural unfoldment of nature’s functioning through this body-mind.

Because if we think we’re responsible for making decisions we can get all caught up in pushing and pulling and second-guessing. We feel the pressure, the burden of needing to take action. Which is in fact an impossible burden. There is no doer.

Freedom then is getting with the Reality Program. So stop trying to do impossible things and remain in your nature as the witness. Let nature function without hindrance or resistance.

You’re not driving the dream bus, so sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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