August 2023

  • No Wrong Notes

    No Wrong Notes

    Miles Davis said that there are no wrong notes, that it’s the next note that determines whether the previous one is right or wrong. And it got me thinking about that space after one note but before the next, when the absence of the last note is hanging there – pregnant, unresolved. Is it harmonious… Continue reading

  • Untitled Thoughts #11

    Untitled Thoughts #11

    Just because the nature of conditioned realityIs an illusionIs dream-likeAnd ultimately incorporealDoesn’t mean that it’s to be deniedOr seen as a problem in itself And the presence of sufferingIn the conditioned realmDoesn’t necessitateThe wholesale abandonmentOf all experiencing Just see through the illusionAnd enjoy the ride Everything we need to knowIs available to us in this… Continue reading

  • Untitled Thoughts #10

    Untitled Thoughts #10

    I still don’t really understand why I’d even want post my words and thoughts publicly at length. But I’m reminded of the maxim – “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” So it occurs to me that we really need to understand each other better, and ourselves too for that matter. And thinking aloud… Continue reading

  • Untitled Thoughts #9

    Untitled Thoughts #9

    You know, a better way of posting my writing might be to do a kind of daily digest. I’m fed up with the demand (I make on myself) to polish my writing into some ‘finished’ condition. There are plenty of thoughts I propose that could just go out as they are. Sometimes they’re disjointed, sometimes… Continue reading