Untitled Thoughts #9

You know, a better way of posting my writing might be to do a kind of daily digest. I’m fed up with the demand (I make on myself) to polish my writing into some ‘finished’ condition. There are plenty of thoughts I propose that could just go out as they are. Sometimes they’re disjointed, sometimes fragmentary.

And so from today I’m going to approach my writing differently. My intention is put out my daily writing/thinking more or less as it comes. Lightly redacted but mostly unadorned.

Perhaps in the process I might find myself having somewhat more conversational tone.

So anyway here goes…

Good morning
Well it’s just after noon
So good afternoon!

There’s a nice review of our podcast on Apple Podcasts today
I don’t know why I’m always so thrilled when someone takes the time to comment thoughtfully

We’ve been getting some meaningful feedback on the Podcast
Which is nice
We’re aiming to do it for its own sake
So it’s not about pandering to an audience
But it’s good to get a glance in a mirror as we go

I think I behooves now me to post some new writing on here
Just to break the monotony of podcast updates
Which is all that’s been happening lately

I’m working on it
I’m working on organising and reviewing my writing
I’m halfway through this year
Later today perhaps I’ll get up to date
And start posting some more

It’s always interesting how destructive expectations can be
Particularly in the event that reality fails to meet them

That’s the secret
Have low to no expectations
And if reality happens and you feel demoralised by it
Then it’s a sure sign there are expectations present

It’s better to take each step as it comes
And not get ahead of oneself

But you can use your suffering
To identify
Where your expectations lie

Lower your bar to zero
And instead approach life with a curious and open mind
Free from any hopes or expectations

I’ve been watching Jordan Peterson’s Exodus series on Youtube
I thought I’d given up on my Biblical rabbit-hole
But they’re interesting conversations
There are some interesting people and perspectives
It’s a shame though that Jonathan Pageau’s viewpoint is in the minority
Which is symbolic and Orthodox Christian
Even though he can be a bit arcane

I’m sure David Bentley-Hart would disparage the whole enterprise
I love the guy
But he’s kind of next level
And highly disparaging of those he might deem to be midwits

Creativity requires presence
Not outcome-seeking
Not getting ahead of oneself

Stay in the pocket of the Now
What’s unfolding now
What’s immediate

There’s a fine line
Walking the sharp-edged blade of now and next
If you try to jump steps ahead
And lose your living connection to the emergent
Then you’ll suffer
Keep it real
Keep it present
Keep it now

It’s like the secret to life and living
It’s about being the needle on the record
You need to stay with that single present-moment point of emergence
Keep your attention here
And if you try to attend to somewhere further along
Or on what’s already past
You lose touch with the power of the present
With What-Actually-Is

Bring your attention to bear on the living moment
The fullness of it
The breadth of it
The richness of it
The sufficiency of it
The joy of it

Stay with the song that’s playing
Don’t go trying to play another song
From the past or the future
While this one’s playing
That only creates discord and confusion

Dance to the music that’s playing

I’m reminded of Nietzsche’s quote:

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Is it because people are so caught up in their own projections
That they’re oblivious to the living music all around?

Life is music
It’s orchestral
It’s symphonic

Tune in, turn on…

If the spiritual ‘destination’ is the present moment
Minus one’s limiting beliefs
Then where is this path I hear talk of?

And there’s not even the need for a shortcut
If you’re already there

It’s just a recognition
A realisation
Of what’s already the case


Do you need to meditate after awakening?

There are many aspects to this question
Let’s see how we go…

The first thing to recognise is that after true awakening there’s no-one left to meditate and there’s nothing to attain. So meditation as an instrumental action performed by a person to achieve a particular goal no longer applies.

We could say that a key function of meditation for a seeker/practitioner is to (re)familiarise themselves to their own ground of being, the boundless field of awareness. And for the seeker the experience is typically that of ‘in and out’; alternating resting as awareness, lets say, and normal waking consciousness where awareness of awareness isn’t recognised as ubiquitous.

So from a seeker’s perspective meditation is about alternating between two apparent ‘states’ of consciousness – transcendental consciousness and the waking state.

However after awakening, and indeed by definition, the transcendental state of pure consciousness is realised to be ever-present, ubiquitous. It’s experienced throughout all other nominal states like waking, dreaming, deep sleep. So in that condition, to what end is meditation?

So that’s one aspect.

Another aspect though is that after awakening or enlightenment even though there’s no person, no agent who performs activity, activity as such continues as a function of universal consciousness. And just as sleep and waking, etc. are functions of the organism so too is the spontaneous withdrawal of attention from the mind and senses into the silent unmanifest mode of being – samadhi.

This is extremely restful for the organism and very healing. And this kind of spontaneous ‘meditation’ or swooning can happen quite naturally after abiding awakening.

The fact is that post-awakening most of the physiological functions and activities continue on as before. The main difference is that the embodied misapprehension of the existence of a personal agent is absent. Instead nondoership is realised and all activity is recognised as the spontaneous functioning of consciousness-being itself.

So in short, yes, meditation can still happen after enlightenment, but there’s no-one doing it.

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