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    Drop it all Leave it all alone And if you’re still having trouble It means you’ve picked it up again Simple? Yes it is Do I need to elaborate? After that is there any more to say? Is that the final answer? The only instruction? Maybe Any more would be just to assuage doubts Like,… Continue reading


    If we stop giving the mind attentional objects then it will tend to settle into its own non-conceptual, silent nature. It’s simply a case of remaining in an open and non-grasping posture. The mind wants to settle, remaining always in a state of engagement is exhausting. Openness and non-grasping are a relief. But there are… Continue reading


    Is there evidence for the existence of an outside/objective world separate and independent from the awareness in which it appears? We can see that the awareness itself is malleable to an (presumably) infinite degree. Or not. Are there limits to the plasticity of relative arising? Is there a higher and lower limit, a range of… Continue reading


    If we saw the world at different scales we’d have quite a different experience and conception of reality. If we saw it at the atomic scale there’d be a lot of empty space and atoms but no material objects as such. Looking beyond atoms we’d see vibrations of the underlying field. Layers.. People at levels… Continue reading