Just feel the feelings

Don’t deny them, don’t indulge them, just allow them to be

Feel the fear, feel the anger, feel the grief, let it all come

Let yourself feel the vulnerability all the way through

Open yourself to it all, all the storms and weather of emotions and feelings rising in your being

Whatever begs to be felt, let it in, be the space for it

Feel it, let it be, welcome the woundedness of it all

Love yourself, feel, feel

This all wells up, and stays for a while, and then recedes

Our most intimate being is an ocean of feelings and sensations and emotions

Let them all come

Open yourself to receive it all in you

It will come and it will go

Be the surrendered, loving heart that gently welcomes and embraces it all

You will learn that whatever comes, you are wider and deeper, and of greater capacity than it

But for now, feel it without reserve, allow the fear, allow the anger, allow the grief, it is all you

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