In the course of our lives…

In the course of our lives sometimes we find that we don’t really want what’s happening, we wouldn’t necessarily choose it for ourselves. But we’re called to it, it’s happening and so we have to make our peace with it.

In order to stay sane and non-distressed we have to give our assent to the inevitable. And if that acceptance and agreement is insincere or incomplete then we suffer it.

Basically we have to find a true and honest ‘yes’ to what’s happening. And even though we didn’t choose it and wouldn’t choose it, we have to agree to it. We have to let it be. And in order that we don’t suffer it we have to purge all our unwillingness and resentment from our hearts. We have to welcome it. And it can’t be faked, it has to be true.

If we want our suffering to cease we have to give our assent to life. Because our resentments and ‘shoulds’ destroy our peace. Life is moving through us, as us, and we’re resisting it with our “why, why, why!?”s.

Life isn’t punishing us although it feels like it’s challenging us. Can we trust that life is FOR us? Even though it’s hard to see how that could be. Can we have the faith and trust and confidence that whatever’s happening is necessary, good and purposeful. These are the saving graces when they are taken deep into the heart.

Do we have any control over any of this? (I know the answer as do you). So we must stop fighting with inevitable, give up our “why me?”s. Accept our current reality, even our distaste of it. But accept it. Deeply. Know that this is how it must be, how is meant to be.

And any change or growth or newfound peace will come from this platform of deep and sincere welcoming of all that life brings.

And so really all that must be DONE is to stop fighting with life, stop resenting our lot and instead let it in and let it be.

I know sometimes we feel like we’re being attacked by life, but that’s not what’s happening. And if we could only get past our mistrust of life and it’s imagined ‘motives’ and intentions we might finally relax into our experiencing.


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