Some thoughts on the creative calling…

creative calling

We’re called to face our fears and act according to our intuitive inspiration. This is the calling. And a true calling won’t let us off the hook. It gets all entangled with our conscience. Not heeding it will stop us sleeping at night, it’ll fill our souls with guilt and doubt and anxiety, it’ll nag at us until we’re on board and doing the work.

Along the path of creative expression there’ll be highs and lows, plateaus and bumps in the road. And like any endeavour or relationship we’ll be going along in a steady state for a while and then we’ll hit a point at which we’ll need to double-down or walk away. So it’s good to know that some challenge is just up ahead and is part of the ongoing creative process in the long-term. Forewarned is forearmed. We hope.

How does one get into a fruitful creative habit? One has to love the process. Commitment alone isn’t the means. Like Huberman says, the effort must become the reward. In my parlance it’s about falling in love with the Muse.

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