Notice and Return

In meditation and in life, notice when you’re hooked and return to the present moment.

Keep doing that and after a while the notice doesn’t require a return. Just noticing is enough. The consistent and natural presence of awareness to the hookedness allows it just release and disappear back from whence it came.

What I’m saying is that getting hooked or distracted is driven by unawareness, unconsciousness. And repeated, consistent and patient practice cultures unbroken presence.

Trust the silence. Trust simply sitting without inputs.

Agnes Martin sat in deep unstructured silence and waiting. She didn’t paint topical themes or objects. She waited in deep silence until she was moved to and what she produced in her remarkable work was purely from her inner experience, not a response to something outward.

Can we not spend a few unbroken waking moments, minutes, hours with no inputs? Are we so addicted to information stimulus and engagement? (The answers are maybe and probably).

I’ve been over-stimulated like everyone else. Habitually requiring something to keep the mind occupied, distracted, entertained.

Feel the power of silence again. The potency, the pregnancy of it. The fullness of that, not merely the absence of noise.

This emptiness is full. This fullness is empty.

Have a mind like a Zen garden. A gross mind would find a Zen garden to be boring and dull. A subtle mind rests deeply in the beauty and harmony, seeking nothing beyond the moment.

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