Enjoy the bliss of this…

Enjoy the bliss of this
Without question or need
Just falling ever into it
Into this

No questions asked
No seeking found
Heavenly peace

Who knows where this freefall will lead?
Or what we’ll encounter
On this endless drop

But who cares?
Enjoy the ride
The forever slide


When we freefall
We needn’t fear anything
It’s all part of the ride
Whatever shows up
Is part of the magic fall
Take it in our stride

There are no sides to touch
No friction to slow the flow
It’s all one deep drop
Into the expanse
It never bottoms-out
There’s always more to go

Falling, falling
Open, open

No more teachings
Let the freefall show you
Everything you need to know

Or do whatever you like
It’s all for the good

Yield to the groundlessness
The groundless IS the ground

Find stability in instability

This strange notion
Of freefall
Is freeing
Beyond measure

This deep drop
Swallows us up
We’re plummeting through space
At high speed
On a forever journey
To nowhere

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