Trust God
Trust the Absolute
Trust Life
Trust consciousness
Trust yourself

Whether it’s Him or Her or It or I
It doesn’t matter how we conceive of the Transcendent Supreme

Just trust that the ‘Power Greater Than Ourselves’ is at work
In all things
And although those things and those workings
May be beyond our understanding
Trust is the way

We may wonder
How do we trust what we cannot see?
And yet there’s so much we trust
That isn’t visible
We trust gravity and atoms and electricity
We trust love and friendship

So just trust That which is beyond your view
But whose effects are seen everywhere

There is a Great Intelligence at work in the world
Call it the universe or God or life or the Great Spirit
Or nature or Being or the Self

And all that we can see and know
Is part of it
An expression of it
It’s both in the world and beyond it
Immanent and transcendent
It’s the great wholeness

But our minds are not cut out to understand it
We’re not privvy to the full comprehension of its functioning

But in our hearts
In our essence we are one with it
And we KNOW that it can be trusted
Even while we cannot comprehend it

I choose to trust it
If only because to not is to suffer
And perhaps trust is difficult sometimes
When fear and the assaults of the mind are strong

But trust is the baseline
Trust is the ground
Trust is the steadiness of the hub of the wheel
The stillness at the eye of the storm

Trust allows all things to occur without resistance
Trust allows the needed work to happen freely
Trust relieves the burden of unknowing
And knowing
And the need to control

Trust demonstrates the magnificence of universal unfoldment
At all levels
In all ways and places

Trust reveals truth
And confirms itself
Trust begets truth
And truth begets trust
A virtuous cycle

But trust comes first
WE have to take the first step
Then life will meet us
As trustworthy and true

Not always in terms of our wants and comforts
But in terms of our freedom and growth
Our spiritual needs
Our ultimate well-being

Because we are spiritual beings
Not just worldly creatures
We are that Great Self
That universal being
We are endlessly diverse
But the Ground is ONE
And trust Abides

– Martyn


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