April 2018

  • FEAR

    The process (of awakening) requires us to face the most profound fear of our own annihilation or destitution To face that fear and continue is the challenge of awakening In the end there’s nothing we can do We either come to the edge and let go or we don’t Rather, it will happen or it… Continue reading

  • FEEL

    Just feel the feelings Don’t deny them, don’t indulge them, just allow them to be Feel the fear, feel the anger, feel the grief, let it all come Let yourself feel the vulnerability all the way through Open yourself to it all, all the storms and weather of emotions and feelings rising in your being… Continue reading


    This is new It’s all new Memory serves up similar visions That give the impression That you’ve seen it before That you know this But it’s all fresh So stay awake You don’t know what’s coming The bleeding edge Face first into the ocean spray of existence The sharp breeze Wake up! The hum of… Continue reading


    If you’re serious about self-discovery, if you’re serious about the truth, then you have to be willing to give up everything you think you know. You have to be willing to question and look at every assumption and become like a clean slate. Because untruth and suffering hides under the rocks of unexplored assumptions. Here… Continue reading


    Nothing exists in isolation So many conditions that we take for granted For any single thing to occur The existence of a universe is required And everything that ever was Funny that So stay out of it You’re doing less than you imagine Nothing at all in fact What a beautiful day Of course the… Continue reading


    Drop it all Leave it all alone And if you’re still having trouble It means you’ve picked it up again Simple? Yes it is Do I need to elaborate? After that is there any more to say? Is that the final answer? The only instruction? Maybe Any more would be just to assuage doubts Like,… Continue reading


    It’s often the case that nondual understanding in the dualistic mind is the product of ‘secondary mind’, the logical, analytical mind, and not a wisdom emanation from Pure Mind. True wisdom is born directly from Self-nature without reference to understanding. It’s the difference between knowledge born of Self-recognition, and the cogitations of the functional mind… Continue reading