I don’t really notice much Outside Because everything that happens Happens in me Of me The flowers bloom In me The wind blows In me The hills roll and rise In me Like my bones And my blood And my breath All in me As if my body Were the universe itself And my breath… Continue reading

  • FEAR

    The process (of awakening) requires us to face the most profound fear of our own annihilation or destitution To face that fear and continue is the challenge of awakening In the end there’s nothing we can do We either come to the edge and let go or we don’t Rather, it will happen or it… Continue reading

  • FEEL

    Just feel the feelings Don’t deny them, don’t indulge them, just allow them to be Feel the fear, feel the anger, feel the grief, let it all come Let yourself feel the vulnerability all the way through Open yourself to it all, all the storms and weather of emotions and feelings rising in your being… Continue reading


    Have a practice. Take time out each and every day to sit in the cave of your interior and wait and watch. This is where the dragons are and this is where the gold is. It is the cave of the unknown and that is the place of fear. It takes courage to enter and… Continue reading


    There’s nothing to do Nothing to think Nothing to drop Nothing to see Nothing to follow There’s no plan No strategy There’s nothing to believe Nothing to hold on to And nothing to let go of There’s nothing to hope for No future to come No past to understand There’s no right And no wrong… Continue reading