"I want you to know that you needn't suffer and that freedom is possible.

I want you to know that when you're done with all the dead ends and false starts then maybe you'll be ready to see what has always been right at the heart of your own experience.

True freedom isn't attained through perfecting any methods or techniques, it isn't attained by adding anything to what you think you are. Truth isn't attained at all, it's discovered.

Freedom is your very nature, it's what you are; you just haven't noticed it yet because you're too busy searching for it. That's the irony and the blessing of the truth, that when you stop seeking it, you find that it's already here and now."


Are You Ready To Wake Up?

In the pursuit of lasting happiness some may find themselves on a spiritual path, often for many years, and for many it might seem that the fulfilment they seek is forever ahead of them, forever elusive. It may be that they continue their spiritual practices with a heavy heart, or even abandon spirituality altogether, but all the while the yearning for wholeness and completion persists.

Others may rationalise away the spiritual goal of enlightenment, concluding that it was never possible or real in the first place, or they’ll resort to some mentally constructed notions or comforting thoughts, believing this to be the best that can be achieved. But mere psychological or philosophical positions are insufficient substitutes for lasting peace and happiness, and in the end these strategies can never satisfy.

If you find yourself here then it’s possible that you’re a well-seasoned ‘seeker’. You’ve read all the books, done all the meditation practices, been to retreats, sat in countless satsangs. Or perhaps you are new to spirituality and are simply drawn to the possibility of a life of openness, acceptance, peace of mind, and natural joy. However you came to be here, I’m here for those who are finally ready to be done with ‘seeking’ by discovering the truth of their Being.

Working with martyn

I help people discover their true nature and essential freedom as boundless, ever-present awareness. I draw on many years of study and practice in different wisdom traditions and teachings, but ultimately I share from my own direct experience of the non-dual nature of reality. My approach is intuitive and spontaneous, and use keen discrimination to support the deep inquiry into the nature of your present moment experiencing. My approach can be direct, but I always come from a place of deep compassion in service of your awakening.

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